February 18, 2019

NEW PROJECTS | Tilda Apple Butter fabric and a few new patterns to try

Tilda has just released a new fabric collection that is awesome.  It's one of her best I think.  She also released two new quilt patterns that are just adorable and I had to get my hands on them.
The first one is part of the Bird Pond collection.  I love these fabrics as well.  The colors are dreamy.

Bird Pond | Tilda

 I love both of these quilts and will be working on these this year.  I adore the little birds.  I'll be using fabrics from the Apple Butter collection for both mixed with some of my stash.
Apple Butter Birdhouse Quilt & Easter Bunnies | Tilda
 These little Easter bunnies are on my radar as well.  I'm going to fancy up their little dresses a bit.  They will be lovely in baskets.
Easter Bunnies | Tilda

Bird Pond | Tilda

This Bjorn Bear pattern is adorable too and I think some baby quilts with this pattern are in order.
I love the fabrics used here (Kinder) but I'm going to use some of my stash.

Bjorn Bear quilt pattern | via Strawberry Quiltcake 

Happy Quilting all, 
                       xoxo, ande