June 11, 2019

SHOP update

I've decided to close my 'big-cartel' shop and just utilize Etsy. 

It's a much cheaper platform for me with the number of items that I have.  
I have not had any sales this year so it made sense to cut back on the fancy stuff.  
I'm hoping there will be some advice given on my Instagram for new crafters/sellers.  Some that does not include spending enormous amounts on ad placements and paying to get your items to show up closer to the top in search engines.  I've tried that before with no success. 

I think I'll be taking some time now to re-evaluate this path as it's not working out.  There seems to be a big market for handmade cloth dolls and quilts but there's also a lot of makers already controlling that space.  I feel like I'll be moving on to something else now but I've had lots of fun making these dolls and I love quilting.  Sometimes its hard to realize that even though we are passionate about something, it doesn't always work out.

Thank you to my followers.  I appreciate the encouragement.
                                          xoxo, ande

June 05, 2019

IN THE SHOP | prairie girls & ponies

Pre-Orders for Prairie Girls & Ponies 
are live in the shops now! 
shop Etsy or Maidenbloom
Get FREE shipping & message me for free gift wrap.

happy summer days,
        xoxo, ande