May 14, 2019

SPRING SALE | maidenbloom fairies

I've been working on a new doll & quilt collection for summer and so, thought it would be nice to run a sale through the 24th of May.  A spring sale to make room for the new collection....
all the dolls are 60% off right now and the baby quilts are 40% off.
Its a great time to find a new snuggle buddy for summer road trips

I'll be posting updates @maidenbloom_dolls
right now I'm working on completing an applique quilt project for a show in October that I hope to participate in.  I also hope to have lots of dolls and other quilts ready for that show.

follow me on Instagram here and Pinterest here to get daily inspiration and updates of progress.
Thanks so much for joining me on this creative journey!
                                           xoxo, ande