December 28, 2019

SEWING | Christmas Makes

Over the holidays I was able to squeeze in a few new makes. 
There was a lovely stocking sew along hosted by @sunnydaysupply

I finished my second one on Christmas Day! LOL talk about last minute.
It was actually very relaxing to sew on Christmas after prepping all the food.

On the left is the EPP {english paper piecing} stocking.
This is my first attempt at English Paper Piecing and I had great instructions from so many talented makers on insta ... Great tutorial videos and tips were given so it was really fun to learn this new technique and I'm so glad I did. 

follow me, @andes_heirlooms for updates and progress ♥

Andrea's Heirlooms (@andes_heirlooms) • Instagram photos and videos

Andrea's Heirlooms (@andes_heirlooms) • Instagram photos and videos

happy making,
                    xoxo, ande

December 12, 2019

SHOP UPDATE | annual Christmas sale and a few new accessories

My annual Christmas sale is running now in the Etsy shop
♥ 20% OFF all dolls listed ♥
Last day for shipping is December 21st, so pre-orders for Christmas shipping have expired but there are still ready ship dolls available in the shop right now!


Handmade embroidered boots are now listed in the shop!
find just the right pair for your fairy girl.

happy holidays ♥
                  xoxo, ande

October 31, 2019

QUILT ALONG | my progress on the little miss sawtooth QAL

Hello All ♥

I have been making good progress on the Little Miss Sawtooth QAL by 
Melanie of Southern Charm Quilts and hosted by Havel Sewing.  Melanie has created such a great pattern with excellent instructions that are so easy to follow along with.  

Andrea's Heirlooms (@andes_heirlooms) • Instagram photos and videos

I even decided to make a small version for my new baby niece, Lily.  I have it ready to start hand-quilting and can't wait to get it into the hoop.  Before I can start on that though, I'm trying to finish hand-quilting my husbands' baseball tshirt memory quilt.  That has been a labor of love over a few years.  Seems like my WIPs just keep growing.  

Andrea's Heirlooms (@andes_heirlooms) • Instagram photos and videos

I am continuing to work along with the pattern releases every two weeks for my little miss sawtooth quilt; then suddenly inspiration hit to start another LMS for another 'someone special', my Mom.  She seemed to especially love one of the blocks I recently made using pale lavender and turquoise so I'm going to dig into my stash and see what fabrics I can pull and try to catch up all the blocks for her quilt by this weekend, when the latest block patterns for the sew along will release. 
That will be so fun!  

Andrea's Heirlooms (@andes_heirlooms) • Instagram photos and videos

have a lovely week of creating!
                   xoxo, ande

September 22, 2019

QUILT ALONG | the Little Miss Sawtooth Quilt

I'm participating in my first quilt along created by Melanie of Southern Charm Quilts and hosted by Havel Sewing.  It has been so fun choosing the fabrics for this and I've just learned a great new technique from Melanie for creating the Flying Geese units that make up the star points.


You can sign up and jump on board for the quilt along here or here.

Andrea's Heirlooms (@andes_heirlooms) • Instagram photos and videos
my fabric pull includes a mix of HR trixie and Tilda plus lots more♥

The technique for the flying geese units is so fast and easy!  I'm just in awe!
Thank you again Melanie...and I look forward to learning more ♥

Andrea's Heirlooms (@andes_heirlooms) • Instagram photos and videos
check out those perfect points!

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happy quilting along! 

                         xoxo, ande

July 10, 2019

QUILTING | homesteader's daughter

I started a new quilt...yes, another WIP (work in progress).
This one is the Homesteader's Daughter.  I changed up a few things with the pattern to make it have a little more scrappy feel... I'm pulling together various prints for the nine patches and snowball blocks that create the homesteaders daughter. 

 I'll be posting more about how I changed up the background fabrics too.  I'm using a variety of low volumes for the background and its looking really awesome so far. 
 Follow along with me @andes_heirlooms on Instagram to see more progress pictures.

happy sewing
                xoxo, ande

June 11, 2019

SHOP update

I've decided to close my 'big-cartel' shop and just utilize Etsy. 

It's a much cheaper platform for me with the number of items that I have.  
I have not had any sales this year so it made sense to cut back on the fancy stuff.  
I'm hoping there will be some advice given on my Instagram for new crafters/sellers.  Some that does not include spending enormous amounts on ad placements and paying to get your items to show up closer to the top in search engines.  I've tried that before with no success. 

I think I'll be taking some time now to re-evaluate this path as it's not working out.  There seems to be a big market for handmade cloth dolls and quilts but there's also a lot of makers already controlling that space.  I feel like I'll be moving on to something else now but I've had lots of fun making these dolls and I love quilting.  Sometimes its hard to realize that even though we are passionate about something, it doesn't always work out.

Thank you to my followers.  I appreciate the encouragement.
                                          xoxo, ande

June 05, 2019

IN THE SHOP | prairie girls & ponies

Pre-Orders for Prairie Girls & Ponies 
are live in the shops now! 
shop Etsy or Maidenbloom
Get FREE shipping & message me for free gift wrap.

happy summer days,
        xoxo, ande 

May 14, 2019

SPRING SALE | maidenbloom fairies

I've been working on a new doll & quilt collection for summer and so, thought it would be nice to run a sale through the 24th of May.  A spring sale to make room for the new collection....
all the dolls are 60% off right now and the baby quilts are 40% off.
Its a great time to find a new snuggle buddy for summer road trips

I'll be posting updates @maidenbloom_dolls
right now I'm working on completing an applique quilt project for a show in October that I hope to participate in.  I also hope to have lots of dolls and other quilts ready for that show.

follow me on Instagram here and Pinterest here to get daily inspiration and updates of progress.
Thanks so much for joining me on this creative journey!
                                           xoxo, ande

April 13, 2019

MAIDENBLOOM | a baby quilt, boots, slippers n such, and a new doll

New in the shop today... my first MaidenBloom baby quilt.  
It is pieced with 100% cotton fabrics and has Warm & Natural cotton batting.
I hand-quilted this with 100% cotton quilting thread.

April 04, 2019

IN THE SHOP | Easter Bunnies

I've just completed and listed two Easter Bunnies for the shops.  They are a week late but there's still time for shipping before Easter.  There is a white cotton bunny and a natural linen.
Last day to ship is April 12.

Hop on over to my shop to see them and visit @maidenbloom_dolls to see more photos.
Also available in my Etsy shop

COMING SOON.... baby and toddler quilts.
Check back for updates.  Hopefully I'll have at least one completed to list this weekend.
I've been diligently working on hand-quilting. ♥

Happy Easter basket making,
              xoxo, ande

March 17, 2019

MaidenBloom Dolls | new dolls, a bunny and a quilt top

I'm listing two new dolls in the shops today and working on a new collection for release at the end of the month.  I finished a little Tilda bunny doll and its adorable.  I love her pattern for Easter bunnies.  It was super easy to make.  I used her fabric, tiny blue star for this one and I just love the feel of 100% cotton fabric.  The tiny blue stars are on a soft cream background and I think its perfect for this bunny.  I'm going to be making some solid color bunnies soon for Easter baskets.  Hope you'll find one you like.  I used my Bunny Hill quilt top as a backdrop for a lot of the photos.  I really love how this quilt top came together.  I included some basic star blocks and simple 2" borders between the blocks and rows.  I'm going to make a few more rows of star blocks to add to the top and bottom to increase the quilt size.  It's going to be fun hand-quilting this.

March 14, 2019

Baby Quilts + New Dolls

I'll be working on a photo session and listing a couple new dolls this weekend.  Hopefully by Sunday I'll have them all in the shops.  I think the hardest thing is taking good pictures for the shops.  
I'm also going to be listing a few wardrobe pieces for the dolls.  All can be interchanged between the dolls and during my Instagram photo session I discovered that the little unicorn fairy really looks cute in a floral crown that I made for one of the other fairy girls.

Andrea's Heirlooms (@maidenbloom_dolls) • Instagram photos and videos

February 18, 2019

NEW PROJECTS | Tilda Apple Butter fabric and a few new patterns to try

Tilda has just released a new fabric collection that is awesome.  It's one of her best I think.  She also released two new quilt patterns that are just adorable and I had to get my hands on them.
The first one is part of the Bird Pond collection.  I love these fabrics as well.  The colors are dreamy.

Bird Pond | Tilda