March 17, 2019

MaidenBloom Dolls | new dolls, a bunny and a quilt top

I'm listing two new dolls in the shops today and working on a new collection for release at the end of the month.  I finished a little Tilda bunny doll and its adorable.  I love her pattern for Easter bunnies.  It was super easy to make.  I used her fabric, tiny blue star for this one and I just love the feel of 100% cotton fabric.  The tiny blue stars are on a soft cream background and I think its perfect for this bunny.  I'm going to be making some solid color bunnies soon for Easter baskets.  Hope you'll find one you like.  I used my Bunny Hill quilt top as a backdrop for a lot of the photos.  I really love how this quilt top came together.  I included some basic star blocks and simple 2" borders between the blocks and rows.  I'm going to make a few more rows of star blocks to add to the top and bottom to increase the quilt size.  It's going to be fun hand-quilting this.

Happy St. Patrick's Day 
                               xoxo, ande