December 18, 2020




from Andrea's Heirlooms

Hope everyone has a healthy, safe and happy holiday! 

Love this little Christmas wreath via @gigiandolive @wizzandwild

One thing I've always loved is hiking through the forests hunting for gorgeous greenery and foliage for handmade wreaths, garlands and decorations all around the house.  I took the ability to do that for granted when I lived in the country and had access to lots of area to roam.  Now that we live in the city its actually not easy to find a place where its allowed, which is why for a few years I found that the only way to get fresh greenery sprigs and branches was to pay high prices at the nursery for bundles.  Although I end up with the general decor feel of the fresh greenery I am very much missing the hikes in the wild.  It seems there is nothing better than a good jaunt through the woods to cure all that ails!  The peace and quiet is so necessary.  I think a drive to the countryside and trail hunting is in our future... I'll have my trusty snips in pocket just in case a beautiful branch of berries comes into view.


                                       peace, ande