March 21, 2016

APPLIQUE QUILTING | my latest project

welcome to cotton couture
i wanted to share some of my quilt projects and some
of my favorite online quilters projects in hopes of 
inspiring others to jump into what i think is a great hobby.

this past year i've been working on an applique project.
its a pattern from bunny hill.
i first saw a sample quilt done from this pattern at
my favorite little quilt shop,  front porch quilts
and fell in love with the little birds and bunnies.
quilting is a great way to spend any free time you have because
in the end you have something useful and beautiful.

i like the idea of making the embroidery stitches your own....i changed up 
how i stitched the windows on a few of the houses and i think it makes it more interesting.

excuse my amateur photos ...the sunlight kept creeping through the window 
and was creating funky shadows on the blocks...

my shapes and stitches are not perfect but i like the imperfections

i changed up the fabrics, deciding this would be a perfect stash buster...
i have way too much fabric stuffed in closets and bins so this is perfect.
right now i have all the blocks done and am planning out borders 
and a few accent blocks to make the quilt bed size. 
i'll be posting more as i complete these.

Thank you so much for checking out my project.
please leave comments if you like.
i would love to hear from you!

happy quilting
                 xoxo, ande