February 22, 2018

MaidenBloom Dolls

It's been a long time since I posted anything here, but trust me, I've been sewing.
I have a new project that I've been working on and one of the most 
challenging things has been trying to take good photos for Instagram.
I've managed, after many trial and errors, to get a few descent photos for posting there
and decided to share a few here.

This is MaidenBloom ....
my handmade heirloom dolls.

I have a new storefront too 
Please visit here
I also have them listed in my Etsy shop

These are so fun to create... each with their own personality.

I have more dolls in the design process and will be working on them in the next few weeks.
So, between Instagram and here I will keep everyone updated on when each one is
listed in the store.  I'm finding that as I create each one and then step away I am returning to make adjustments to them and their adorable little dresses and rompers.  I decided to call this first set Bloom Fairies.  I plan on making mermaids, unicorns and maybe some smaller size pixies along with accessories like removable tulle skirts, scarfs, aprons and headbands with little flowers.  
Please follow me @maidenbloom on Instagram to 
find out when new dollies are available.

Happy creating ♥
  xoxo, ande